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We feel strongly that the best and the most beautiful homes are built through strong communication and collaboration. We approach with a unique perspective to each project, listening carefully to consider the brief, and working closely with our clients.


Our mission is to create a good and well-balanced interior design that can influence people who live in it. The exceptional outcomes of AGL interiors are reflected in the process experience, our design choices, and suppliers, decorators, and professionals we work with.

Our priority in the design process is our client's needs. We aim to simplify and lessen the stress of the design process by creating a solid plan and adding value to their lives


We offer different services levels with the purpose to be adaptable to your project. No matter how big or small it is your project, our work and attention to detail are evident through the entire design process.


Below we aim to our process: 

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  STAGE 1 

Concept + Ideas

Our journey starts with an onsite consultation to fully assess the property. In consultation, we understand and take into consideration your brief,  what you want to achieve, the scope of work  and your budgets. This guides our journey together and the design process.

This stage is key to us tailoring a design service that encompasses a true reflection of our client's expectations.

We aim in the first stage to develop a conceptual design guide that fulfills both the aesthetic and functional needs for your home.

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