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AGL interiors founded by Angeles Gonzalez.

·    background influence, family and culture, angeles offers a relax, calm, peaceful, balanced yet luxury approach to contemporary interiors. .inspired by European design (very different and variety)

·    work close to clients get to know them

·    combines a degree engineer degree, brings technical precision and talent  to design, enhanced by her  eye for detail, finishes and furniture 

·    My Spanish upbringing and my technical training have given me two key personality traits: HIGH STANDARD / QUALITY and precision/attention to detail. Perfectionist, 

·    design philosophy 

·    usually describe by friend’s family: efficient, creative and impecale tasted, workcoholic 

·    style – not specific style, however, texture, calm confortable, liavable with a urban Scandi, danish important of art influence 

Philosophy and style  

even though we do not have a signature style and Spanish flair. Angeles...


  • Dutch is sleek and harmonious

  • Maximase light (close to nature), easy flow from space to space

  • Minimaist colour palette. Earthy, neutral or  mute tones palette. Helps to bring a sense of serenity (serene) and calm to your home. Creates illusion of bigger, higher

  • catchy artwork that stand out on neutral background

  • modern furniture

  • contrast / bold/ accents / high contrast


  • white and grey base

  • punctuate that with pops of black in moments like timber tables or ceramics

  • warm tan through leather, rattan, warm woods

  • muddy blue tones, reminiscent the ocean

  • nature green indoors

  • inspired by nature – don’t be scared of colours

  • very layered

  • wonderful medley of textures

  • modern causal look but still refined

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